Logbook: I'm Valerosa

Date: August 2021

This Blog, inspired by the book “Destroza este diario” by Keri Smith, is an interactive tool for working with girls and adolescents that brings together activities, reflections and information on sexual and reproductive rights, self-recognition and self-care, among others.

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Photobook heroínas visibles:

Las mujeres a la danza de la vida, la memoria y la reconciliación
Date: May, 2019

This Photobook tells the story. by means of photographs and testimonies, of the recognition of a group of women in Mesetas, Puerto Rico and Vista Hermosa, Meta, as visible heroines in the framework of the project "In key of reconciliation: reconstruction of historical memory of the women of the Meta" implemented by Limpal Colombia and supported by the Alliance for Reconciliation Program of USAID and ACDIVOCA. Its recognition comes after a series of workshops on memory and reconciliation whose objective was, from a feminist standpoint, to construct the story of women not as passive victims.

Soy Extraordinaria” Journal

Date: December, 2018

This journal, inspired by the book "Wreck this journal" by Keri Smith, is an interactive tool for working with girls and adolescents that brings together activities, reflections and information on topics such as the rights of girls, self-recognition, self-care, non-violent masculine relationships, the prevention of violence against women and girls, among others.

Women for Disarmament

A look at disarmament from UN Resolution 1325
Date: Octubre, 2018

This report presents information compiled between December 2016 and August 2017 related to the circulation of arms in Colombia and the differentiated effects that the use and carrying of these have on women. These effects are analyzed both in the process of laying down arms and in the post-conflict stage that the country is going through, taking UNSCR 1325 as a central element. The voices of the women of the territories where Limpal works, as well as the international experiences related to this issue, support the need to build a country and a world without weapons.

Struggle for reincorporation with dignity for women:

Follow-up report to Resolution 1325 with recommendations for reincorporation processes
Date: Octubre, 2018

This report analyses the process of reincorporation of Farian women (ex-combatants from FARC-EP) in the light of Resolution 1325, from a gender and women's rights perspective, starting from the importance of this process for the transformation of the country. The research gathers the experiences of 20 reincorporated women, as well as the voices of diverse entities that shed light on the obstacles that women have faced in their process of reintegrating to civil life in conditions of dignity.

Memoirs of the Women for Disarmament Forum: More Life, Less Weapons

Date: October, 2018

This publication presents the reflections that emerged from the National Women for Disarmament Forum held by Limpal in October 2017. The voices of international organizations, state entities, women's organizations and civil society in general contained in this text seek to support the construction of knowledge on the subject of women and arms and to advance on the path towards disarmament in Colombia and the world.

Disarming Life:

Reflections on Resolution 1325, Disarmament and Women in Colombia
Date: June, 2016

This document raises insights and questions around the construction of a stable and lasting peace based on women's experiences, needs, and proposals. The research conjugates the elements of international law, especially those that are part of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and the reality lived in the territories around issues such as disarmament, demilitarization and the small arms trade in a post-conflict scenario.

Women Breaking Silence

Choosing the Agenda on ‘Peace, Women and Security
 December, 2012

This agenda brings together proposals from women from different sectors and social movements in the department of Bolívar, in terms of participation, peacebuilding, security, and violence prevention. This document is, in turn, an instrument of political incidence and a historical manifesto of the situation of women in Bolívar during those years and of the peace proposals that women have been advancing since then at the community, national and international levels.

XII Report on Sexual Violence

In the Context of the Armed Conflict: A Differential View
 February, 2015

The report incorporates updated information on the situation of women, young people and girls, with a differential reading and focuses on indigenous and Afro-Colombian women, in the context of the armed conflict and the socio-political and economic violence that persists in the regions and territories. It shows that women, young people, and girls continue to be victims of sexual violence and other forms of violence, of threats and risks due to the fact that they are women. It highlights how the response of the Colombian State and institutions continues to be insufficient to guarantee the effective enjoyment of their rights, a reiterative demand of women and of the Mesa in its reports.

Women's Power to Build Peace

Date: December, 2014

This publication gathers the history of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in Latin America, passing through countries such as Bolivia, Costa Rica and Mexico, among others. In addition, it presents the main postulates of the organization against militarism, peace, and freedom.

Participating in the shadow of Resolution 1325

Date: Feubrary, 2012

This publication analyses Bolívar's situation in terms of women's participation, citizen oversight, access to justice, judicialization of cases, and implementation of Resolution 1325 and related resolutions in the department. In addition, a report presented on the activities and results obtained in the citizen oversight developed in the region. This document seeks to be an advocacy tool from an inclusive democracy perspective.

Violence Against Women Hits Everyone

Date: February, 2010

This booklet explains in clear language everything about violence against women in Colombia and Law 1257 of 2008. The information was compiled from research and documents of organizations that promote the defense of women's rights, as well as from Limpal's own community experience with the implementation of the project that bears the same name in different localities of the city of Cartagena. This document especially addressed to women and men interested in the promotion, prevention, and defense of women victims of gender-based violence.

For the right to memory

Date: January, 2009

This document presents a series of testimonies on the effects that the armed conflict had on the women of La Porfía, in Villavicencio, Meta. These testimonies were collected and analyzed based on a dialogue of knowledge and collective learning with the women of the region. Its main objective is to contribute to the construction of a story that makes visible the differentiated effects that the war had on women.

Stories of a place in war told by women's voices

Date: January, 2009

This document presents a series of testimonies of women victims of displacement in the south of the country, who, despite the war, poverty and discrimination, are reluctant to lose hope. These testimonies are a call that does not lose validity because of the need to fight against all types of violence and is also an example of the resistance and tenacity that women have to face a world that closes its doors to them.

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