Strategic Lines

Iconos 01    Knowledge management:

We focus on strengthening the collective production of knowledge within the organization.
This entails the production of methodological and pedagogical guidelines and processes,
the consolidation of series of publications and the construction of educational processes
through virtual and face-to-face courses. 
 Iconos 02   Psychosocial and legal attendance:

Our strategy emphasizes on working with women from the communities, on the implementation
of the attendance model “Artemisa” (short explication) and on a legal strategy that guides women.
This strategic line also includes the process of psycho-emotional accompaniment for the team
of LIMPAL Colombia.
 Iconos 03   Sustainable activism:

We promote non-violent and innovative collective actions of social mobilization which centers
the ideas and demands of women in relation to their feminist and ecological peace agendas
both in the territories and at national and international level.
 Iconos 04  

Peacebuilding and defense of the women's human rights:

We are committed to implement the Women, Peace and Security Agenda guided by LIMPAL’s
(antimilitarist, pacifist and feminist) principals and produce evidence on the active participation
of women in peacebuilding. This includes working with female human rights defenders, producing
follow-up reports on the Final Peace Agreement and on the United Nations Security Council’s
Resolution 1325, building alliances to demand transformative peace and social justice. Through
our platforms, we, as well, articulate and position ourselves in relation to the peace agreement and
its pedagogy.

 Iconos 05   Political advocacy for women's full citizenship:

This strategic line contains the positioning of LIMPAL’s work in different decision-making space
and the creation of strategic alliances and platforms, where we aim at affecting the state’s
response of guaranteeing women’s rights on various levels. It also includes strengthening
women’s collective and community processes, the collaboration with other social and
autonomous women's movements and organizations, both at national and territorial
levels. Lastly, we carry out political action to promote human rights.



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