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LIMPAL Joven is a strategy that is in line with YOUNG WILPF, a global commitment that links youth perspectives to the women's processes led by the international WILPF movement.

In Colombia, this process began in 2021, gathering the cumulative experience of WILPF Colombia gained by working with young women since 1998, with the purpose of contributing to the strengthening of collective commitments, advocacy and exchanges of experiences in Meta, Bolivar and Guaviare which in their diversities present different agendas around the recognition of their rights. Through the accompaniment of their organizational initiatives, their involvement in activities such as the Feminist School, active participation in the formulation of proposals related to the care of the body and the land, and in national meetings, we promote safe spaces where young women experience an environment of listening, contribution and visibility of the ideas and knowledge that are being built around their being, corporality, diverse identities and their organizational and collective processes.

We recognize that young women bring different languages and expressions that allow for a dialogue with the world in which they question the adultcentrism of patriarchy and systems of oppression and demand a place where their voices are amplified.

The process of building Limpal Joven is in a stage of strengthening networks, based on the "first meeting of young women for a feminist and transformative peace" held in Bogota in September 2021 which was attended by more than 25 young women. Together the first strategic goals were defined:

  • Strengthening young feminist leadership
  • Regional perspectives and positioning of young women's agendas
  • Tools for sustainable activism

Limpal Joven is a dynamic strategy in continuous construction that relies on the strength and power of young women who increasingly participate in the regional processes of WILPF Colombia, in coordination with the international strategy YOUNG WILPF.

We hope to continue strengthening these focus areas and nurture them from approaches such as antimilitarist and intersectional feminism, ecofeminism and care for life, pacifist feminism and nonviolence, by promoting innovative actions from diverse young women related to artistic narratives with a feminist political and peacebuilding perspective.



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