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The Liga Internacional de Mujeres por la Paz y la Libertad (Limpal Colombia) is a feminist, pacifist, and antimilitarist organization. We are part of the International Women´s League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)´s movement, recognized as the oldest women’s peace organization in the world, with 104 years of peace activism in 38 countries around the world, empowering the voices of women to them to generate alternatives to crisis and conflicts prioritizing peace.


Limpal has been working
in Colombia for more than 20 years
for peace-building and the defence,
protection and promotion of women’s rights.


Promovemos la implementación de la Resolución 1325 del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas y la Agenda de “Mujer, Paz y Seguridad” en Colombia. Somos reconocidas por nuestra apuesta por el desarme, la reintegración, la reconciliación desde una perspectiva feminista-pacifista y el fortalecimiento de las organizaciones a nivel local, así como por nuestra incidencia en la implementación del Acuerdo Final para la terminación del conflicto entre el gobierno colombiano y las FARC-EP.

Mission: We are a feminist, pacifist and antimilitarist organization that builds peace through the advocacy and political participation of women, as well as the recognition, defense, and protection of their rights in order to contribute to a stable and lasting peace, thereby, creating a base for the peaceful transformation of Colombian society as a whole.

Vision: We want a country where women’s and girls’ rights are recognized as well as their contribution to the building of an equitable and peaceful society.

In 2021, we project ourselves as an organization that, based on the feminist, pacifist and anti-militarist approach, has managed to work so that women from their diversity, strengthen strategies of resistance, contribute to the construction of peace at all levels and will be recognized.

We hope to be a reference NGO for a new paradigm of security and protection. We believe that it is the only way to the road of peacebuilding, based on dialogue and away from weapons.

The pillars of our work are:

itemThe right to a dignified and violence-free life for women and girls.
itemActivism and political advocacy, as part of the full exercise of women's citizenship.
itemThe investigation and management of knowledge that involves research-action-participation and the dialogue of awareness from the intersectional analysis.
itemThe positioning of a feminist, pacifist, and antimilitarist peace agenda.

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+571 2172728

Calle 44 # 19 - 28 - Office 201
Bogotá DC - Colombia

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